Fire calls for June 10

The Bristol Fire Department reported the following incidents last week.

May 27

36 Russ Lane, smoke detector activation due to malfunction.

Donna’s Floral Arrangements, 116 Central St., power line down.

Bristol Eastern High School, 632 King St., vehicle accident, general cleanup.

97 Ronzo Rd., vehicle accident, general cleanup.

284 North Main St., lock-out.

Radcliffe Wire, Inc., 97 Ronzo Rd., assist police or other governmental agency.

May 28

58 Redwood Dr., smoke or odor removal.

651 Jerome Ave., cooking fire, confined to container.

188 Greene St., unauthorized burning.

May 29

Maheu Street and Boivin Street, unauthorized burning.

46 Cherry Hill Dr., brush or brush-and-grass mixture fire.

181 Sherbrook St., lock-out.

Phelps Road and Tunnel Road, outside rubbish fire, other.

240 Divinity St., unauthorized burning.

May 30

66 Vermont Dr., arcing, shorted electrical equipment.

Edgewood School, 345 Mix St., system malfunction, other.

35 Treble Rd., rescue, EMS incident, other.

Stafford Avenue and Manross Road, vehicle accident, general cleanup.

42 Willis St., system malfunction, other.

565 Clark Ave., water problem, other.

191 Falls Brook Rd., dumpster or other outside trash receptacle fire.

May 31

Dunkin Donuts, 855 Farmington Ave., assist police or other governmental agency.

162 Shrub Rd., smoke or odor removal.

Blakeslee Street and Riverside Avenue, oil or other combustible liquid spill.

Bristol Boys & Girls Club, 255 West St., alarm system activation, no fire—unintentional.

18 Walnut St., trash or rubbish fire, contained.

June 1

151 Blakeslee St., cooking fire, confined to container.

553 Farmington Ave., lock-out.

Vance Rd. and Vance Dr., outside rubbish fire, other.

135 Jerome Ave., vehicle accident, general cleanup.

Clark Ave. and Pequabuck St., accident, potential accident, other.

June 2

Audet Property, 625 North Main St., motor vehicle accident with no injuries.

Brentwood Dr. and Stevens St., vehicle accident, general cleanup.

88 Vance Dr., person in distress, other.

Glenview Dr. and Burlington Ave., power line down.

Frankie’s, 1215 Farmington Ave., motor vehicle accident with injuries.

Business Park Dr. and Redstone Hill Rd., vehicle accident, general cleanup.Bristol_Fire_Department_Logo