Campaign fund raiser held for Del Mastro

A fund raising event was held recently at the Parkside Cafe in Bristol for Pete Del Mastro, Republican candidate for the state legislature. A press release from his campaign said that over 40 of Del Mastro’s friends and supporters attended the event.

Those in attendance included many elected officials, among them State Senator Henri Martin (R), State Representative Whit Betts (R), State Representative Cara Pavalock (R), Bristol Mayor Ken Cockayne (R), Bristol City Councilman Dave Mills (R), Bristol City Councilor Jodi Zils Gagne (R), and Bristol City Councilor Tony D’Amato (R), said the release. “The event gave Del Mastro’s fundraising effort a large boost, putting him close to the goals required to qualify for state funding of his campaign. It is anticipated that he will qualify by the end of June,” said the release.

The press release said Del Mastro is running on a platform that calls for implementation of state [olicies that do three things. “First, attract new businesses, encourage expansion of existing businesses and foster job creation. Second, make CT an affordable place to live for retirees, young people, and the hardworking middle class. Third, reform delivery of services by state government to make them more efficient and cost effective.”

The campaign news release said, “Del Mastro believes that Democrats, who currently control both houses of the state legislature, benefit too much from the status quo and will never make the changes needed to solve Connecticut’s problems. Replacing Democrats with Republicans will help ensure policy changes will be made that make CT a better place to live, work, build businesses and raise a family.”del mastro