Bristol officers honored for response to Stearns St. stabbing

PD Release_Stearns St. Award

Five Bristol police officers were recognized for their response to a stabbing that happened on Stearns Street this past March.

On March 26, the officers responded to a report that a senior citizen was stabbed multiple times. The first responding officers, Jeffrey LaRoche and James Pelletier, found the victim with multiple stab wounds to his legs and abdomen.

LaRoche and Pelletier determined that the suspect fled and immediately began to focus on helping the victim by using their department issued tourniquet to control the leg bleeding. This was successful and allowed the officers to focus on the victim’s other injuries, which were controlled by a direct pressure application until emergency personnel arrived.

During that time the victim shared critical information that helped identified the suspect. The two officers sent this information to officers Jaquoi Belin, Timothy O’Brien and Timothy Hall, who immediately acted on this information. The three officers were able to find the suspect and take him into custody. During the arrest, the officers found the suspect with blood on his clothing and lacerations on his hands. The suspect was charged with attempt of murder and first degree assault on an elderly person.

Hall and O’Brien then searched the path that the suspect took when he fled, and found additional evidence, including a weapon likely used in the crime.

According to the Bristol Police Department, LaRoche and Pelletier were recognized for making critical decisions and taking quick actions that saved the life of an injured elderly man. They received the Department Silver Star Award, the Life Saving Award and Officers of the Month.

The officers also worked as a team to obtain information on a suspect, to find the suspect and to collect critical evidence linking the suspect to the crime. Overall, all five officers upheld their sworn duty to protect and serve Bristol. Belin, O’Brien and Hall received the Department Silver Star award for their actio