Harvest Health Squad in action

The Harvest Health Squad, made up of a small core of community members interested, in creating projects that cultivate a positive food and wellness culture has been launched.

“We’re excited to become a healthier and therefore happier community,” said Kristie Oren, a Harvest Health Squad captain in a press release from Bristol All Heart. “Healthy communities are big draws these days.”

“We have avid gardeners, nutri<on people, holis<c wellness and well meaning folks looking to do projects in the City,” said Mark Walerysiak Jr, manager of Bristol All Heart, according to the press release.

In mid-May, Jan Gyurko, a home gardener and Squad Captain, helped launch the Squad’s inaugural project of transforming Bristol Eastern High School’s courtyard with nine raised beds.

The school even helped start a Harvest Health Club with support of the Environmental Sciences department, allowing the students to carry on the gardens to grow veggies, fruits, herbs and flowers.

“The energy of the students was great, and it was a fantasticc first project for us,” said Christy Matthews, a Squad Captain and former BEHS alumnus (and a candidate for state representative in the 77th district, the press release reported. “The administration was so supportive, and it was especially gratifying to see the kids enjoy getting their hands dirty and learn about sustainable food, which over time will be able to help feed students and families.”

The squad is looking for its next project.

Those interested in joining the squad should contact Mark Walerysiak Jr at mark@bristolallheart.com5D3_9129_1 5D3_9139_1 5D3_9134_1