Candidate Nicastro blasts UConn raises


Mike Nicastro

Mike Nicastro

Last Friday, Mike Nicastro, Democratic candidate for State Senate in the 31st District, which includes Bristol, Harwinton, Plainville, Plymouth/Terryville and Thomaston called upon the University of Connecticut Board of Trustees to intervene and take the appropriate steps to reverse the recent salary increases given out by university President, Susan Herbst.

“I had the pleasure of working closely with board chair Larry McHugh when we were colleagues running our respective regional chambers of commerce. I’m confident that Larry and the rest of the board recognize not only the patent lack of reasonableness in these increases but also the indefensible optics of the situation,” said Nicastro in a press release from his campaign.

He continued, according to the press release, “In a time when tuition was significantly hiked at UConn as well as the institutions that make up the CSU system, these significant increases send a strong signal that the university’s president is clearly out of touch with the financial pain that most Connecticut residents are experiencing. When you consider that back in March university employees withdrew their request for increases (including a longer work week) because of the state’s fiscal challenges, these increases are just in poor taste.”

Nicastro also pointed out, the release reported, “The fact that we are handing a student their diploma with one hand and a bill for long-term debt in the hundreds of thousands of dollars with the other has become a recipe for disaster. These raises only contribute further to that situation. While it is a primary function of a university to teach theory, a theory that the UConn administration is somehow special is flawed. I believe the board needs to deliver a dose of reality to executive leadership by reversing this decision.”