DAR breaks Guinness record on patriotism

To celebrate the National Society’s 125th Anniversary and the culmination of the Celebrate America! volunteer service initiative, the DAR channeled its fervor for patriotism and dedicated support of our nation’s military service members toward an ambitious goal. During the week of the 125th Continental Congress, held in June at DAR’s Washington, D.C., headquarters, the organization set an official “Guinness Book of World Records” title in patriotism for “most letters to military personnel collected in one month.”

Members of Katherine Gaylord Chapter in Bristol, contributed by collecting10 letters to add to the total. Many DAR members wrote personal messages, but because individuals could write only one letter each, they also enlisted help from their communities.

The DAR had collected 100,904 letters, more than 10 times the minimum threshold needed to set the record for most letters to military personnel collected in one month. By the end of June, all 100,904 letters will be on the way to active-duty military personnel serving both at home and abroad.