GOP candidate oppose motor vehicle mileage tax

Bristol Republican Peter J. Del Mastro, 79th District house candidate, announced in a press release he opposes Governor Dannel Malloy’s “latest scheme” for increasing taxes, the “imposition” of a motor vehicle mileage tax.

Del Mastro is running against Democrat Chris Ziogas.

The candidate’s press release reported the state recently applied for federal funding as part of a multi-state pilot program to study the plan. The release said federal dollars will only cover part of the cost; taxpayers will have to pay $300,000 to help fund the nearly $3 million program cost.

Del Mastro said, according to the press release, “this expenditure is so wrong from so many perspectives that it boggles the mind. First, Malloy has pushed through two of the largest tax increases in the state’s history. Residents are having a harder time making ends meet. Retirees, young people and job creators are fleeing Connecticut because it is much more expensive to live and do business here than almost anywhere else in the country. Connecticut does not need a new tax; it needs tax relief.”

“Second,” Del Mastro said in the release, “the governor is laying off state employees, cutting funding to hospitals,  social services and non-profit organizations who service the most vulnerable among us. Clearly, that $300,000 could be better spent on other things.”

“Third,” said Del Mastro in the release, “in addition to the funding cuts and layoffs… Connecticut continues to borrow money it can ill afford to repay. The governor’s desire to spend money on this study shows a total disregard for the plight of Connecticut taxpayers.”

In the news release, Del Mastro pledged that “if elected, (I) will fight against this and all other proposals to raise taxes on the citizens and businesses of our state.”

PeterDel Mastro, Republican candidate in Bristol's 77th district.

PeterDel Mastro, Republican candidate in Bristol’s 77th district.