Carnival to be key at this year’s Mum Fest

Come Sept. 22 through the 25, the Mum carnival will be back on the same grounds as the annual Mum Festival.

A revamped site plan features the carnival programmed on the Memorial Boulevard Field with its many rides, games and food for families being right in the midst of the Mum Festival action where all other activities are planned in and around.

“Historically, people remember the carnival as being part of festival, in the same place. In recent years, it was separated in different locations in the city,” said Mum Fest Squad Captain, Jack Ferraro in a press release. “This year, our first order of business was to unite the two again.  We couldn’t be more excited to offer a stronger destination for families and festival-goers to spend the whole day in one locaton.”

Marenna Amusements Presents, one of the biggest carnival operators in the state will be stewarding the rides and events. A hands-on family operation, the press release said Marenna will impress with a setup akin to a traveling amusement park.

“It’s tremendous,” said owner George Marenna Jr., according to the press release. “We’re happy to be more strongly integrated into the Mum Festival, and we’ll be out in full force from kiddie rides to spine tingling spectacular rides, tons of carnival foods from cotton candy to soft serve ice cream and games. It’s going to be can’t miss action.”

The carnival’s return highlights not only a shift in the site plan, which now centers around Memorial Boulevard field, but is just one piece of a gamut of children’s programming that will be a focus of this year’s Mum Festival.

“Mum Festival was always about families,” said festival chair Mark Walerysiak Jr. in a press release. “We’re going to honor that foundation starting with the carnival and building programming around family concepts while broadening the event’s age appeal too. We’re excited to release more information on more family and other activities shortly, stay tuned.”