Betts has perfect vote record

State Representative Whit Betts (R-77) achieved a perfect record for votes cast on the floor of the state House of Representatives during the 2016 legislative session, according to the House Clerk’s Office.

A press release from the representative’s office said Betts was present and voted for all 313 votes taken on the state House floor during the 2016 session, according to voting record data released today by the House Clerk’s Office.Only about 32% of legislators were able to do this, said Betts’s press release.

Betts is running for reelection against Democrat Krystal Myers.

“It is with great pride that I am able to say that I serve my constituents to the best of my ability, and this is absolutely reflected in my voting record,” said Betts in the press release. “I’m honored to represent the people of Bristol, Plymouth, and Terryville, and I want them to know that their voice was heard on every issue that was debated by the legislature.”

The next regular session of the legislature will convene in January 2017.Betts_headshot_bw