GOP announces FOI complaint against MBS task force dismissed

Republican Town Committee Chairman Jeff Caggiano announced in a press release the complaint against the Memorial Boulevard Task Force, brought by the Republican Town Committee, and a Bristol citizen, was officially dismissed by the Freedom of Information Commission at its meeting on Aug. 10.

According to Caggiano, “The dismissal was not based on a hearing of the merits of the case but rather for procedural reasons. The Freedom of Information Commission did not vindicate or approve the Task Force’s ‘secret’ and rolling meetings, its failure to properly post notice of its meetings or its failure to produce minutes for its meetings.”

“Due to lack of communication between the complainants and changes in the town committee’s leadership, the complainants did not attend the Commission’s meeting on July 5,” Caggiano said in the news release. “Further, due to statutory time constraints on the commission and reductions by Governor Malloy to the budget of this important watchdog agency, the commission did not have the time or resources to give the town committee additional time to present its case.”

Said Caggiano in the news release, “Although the commission was not able to hear this complaint on the merits, it is the town committee’s hope that publicizing this type of inappropriate and unacceptable behavior will prevent such behavior by current and future city boards and commissions.”

“We hope this will inform current boards/commissions of the expectation of open and honest government,” Caggiano added, according to the news release.