Mayor offers apology in wake of report of retaliation against city worker



Mayor Ken Cockayne started The City Council meeting last week with an apology.

Cockayne was cleared of charges for sexual harassment with a city employee. Before starting he let citizens in attendance.

Reading from his notes, he said, “As you know investigation into my conduct has been concluded. About eight years ago, I had a brief relationship with a female city employee. This is a huge personal mistake. I’ve embarrassed myself my family and this entire situation has turned my life upside down and I know I deserve it. I am so sorry for the hurt I’ve caused my fiancé. This is not anything I ever wanted my son, my family, or the women I love to read on the front page of the paper. I can’t change what happened. I certainly wish I could. But I have learned from these mistakes and I strive to be a better person. I regret my situation has distracted from our focus and that should be continuing to improve Bristol and that is not acceptable. I ask that the people of Bristol continue to place their trust in me as we work tirelessly to make Bristol a better place.”

After the statement he quickly moved onto other business. The report cleared the mayor of the sexual harassment charges as well as his alleged retaliation against the city employee.

Mayor Ken Cockayne

Mayor Ken Cockayne