Dodgers keep City Series trophy in Forestville



BRISTOL – It wasn’t easy, but the Dodgers of Forestville Little League kept the City Series trophy in possession of the program after the completion of the tournament on Sunday, Aug. 21.

And for the season straight season, it was all about Forestville as the Reds, behind Wesley Pierce last year, were the winners during the summer of 2015.

In 2016, it was the Dodgers turn to take a bow.

And that’s what the squad from Forestville did and, off some outstanding play by slugger Mike Lorenzetti, Matt Beaucar, Jaylen Churchill, and Logan Shenck, the squad earned the grand prize and the trophy win.

Forestville hadn’t won back-to-back championships since the 1991-92 campaigns when the Mets and the Dodgers won the event.

In fact, Forestville won a stretch of championships – three-of-four overall – as the Mets won two-of-three, starting in 1989.

Here’s a look at the overall results of the 2016 Little League Baseball City Series Championship and the history of game from the Mum City.

2016 Little League City Series – Final Tally

Game 1: Forestville Dodgers 9, McCabe-Waters Giants 0 (Monday, Aug. 15)

Game 2: Edgewood Phillies 12, McCabe-Waters Giants 1 (Wednesday, Aug. 17)

Championship Round – Best-of-3

Game 3: Forestville Dodgers 6, Edgewood 2 (Friday, Aug. 19)

Game 4: Forestville Dodgers 13, Edgewood 4 (Sunday, Aug. 21)


2016 Tournament Records:

Edgewood A’s       1-1

Forestville Dodgers              2-0

McCabe-Waters Giants       0-2


Here’s a quick rundown of former champions from the city series, starting with the first battle of the squads in 1956:

Year        Team

1956        McCabe-Waters Tigers

1957        McCabe-Waters Cardinals

1967        Forestville Braves

1968        McCabe-Waters Cardinals

1969        Forestville Giants

1970        Edgewood Mets

1971        McCabe-Waters Mets

1972        McCabe-Waters Cardinals

1973        Forestville Dodgers

1974        Forestville Dodgers

1975        Edgewood Athletics

1976        No Champion crowned

1977        McCabe-Waters Reds

1978        McCabe-Waters Cardinals

1979        Forestville Dodgers

1980        McCabe-Waters Mets

1981        Edgewood Red Sox

1982        Edgewood Orioles

1983        Edgewood Athletics

1984        No Champion crowned

1985        Forestville Indians

1986        Edgewood Astros

1987        Edgewood Orioles

1988        McCabe-Waters Mets

1989        Forestville Mets

1990        McCabe-Waters White Sox

1991        Forestville Mets

1992        Forestville Dodgers

1993        McCabe-Waters Giants

1994        McCabe-Waters Cardinals

1995        Edgewood Pirates

1996        McCabe-Waters Red Sox

1997        Edgewood Athletics

1998        McCabe-Waters Pirates

1999        Edgewood Pirates

2000        McCabe-Waters Giants

2001        Edgewood Red Sox

2002        Edgewood Cardinals

2003        McCabe-Waters Pirates

2004        Edgewood Cubs

2005        Edgewood Yankees

2006        McCabe-Waters Cardinals

2007        McCabe-Waters Yankees

2008        Edgewood Cubs

2009        McCabe-Waters Giants

2010        Edgewood Rangers

2011        Edgewood Rangers

2012        Edgewood Pirates

2013        Edgewood Phillies

2014        Edgewood Cardinals

2015        Forestville Red

2016        Forestville DodgersLittle_League_Baseball_-_Logo