City launches app for recycling and waste collection info

Bristol All Heart

The city of Bristol just launched an app and website plug-in that contains all of the information people need to know, tailored specifically to their neighborhoods, about their residential garbage and recycling services.

According to a press release from the city’s Public Works Department, those who have a smartphone or tablet can download a Bristol app that puts garbage, recycling, special waste collection details and more at their fingertips anytime.

The app and website plug-in, developed by Recycle Coach, provides residents with a full range of information about Solid Waste collection services, the release said. By downloading Recycle Coach™, Bristol residents can check details for regular and special collections and events for household hazardous waste or e-waste days, the release said. They also can also quickly find information about how to dispose of a regular of items, the release said.

Once they have downloaded the app, residents can set it up to give regular reminders for any of the collection programs, the release said.  Residents can set a reminder for the day that recycling is collected or set up alerts just for household hazardous or electronic waste collection days, the release said.

The Recycle Coach app can be found in the App/Play Store (either Apple or Android). Download the App and set it up for your address in Bristol. Feel free to sign up for Alerts/Reminders from the app in the Settings. The App plug in also is available at

For more information, contact Public Works at (860) 584-6125 or