Mum Fest organizers say 2016 may have broken records

The 2016 Mum Festival, under new leadership, may have broken all-time weekend attendance records, according to a press release from organizers.

Estimates from Mum Squad event organizers, made up of Bristol Exchange Club and Bristol All Heart volunteers, are tabbing the four-day festival at approximately 700 attendees on Thursday for opening night, 2,000 to 3,000 visitors Friday, over 20,000 Saturday for major festivities, and another 10,000 to 15,000 at the festival Sunday with another 15,000 on the parade route.

“It was overwhelming,” said festival chair Mark Walerysiak Jr., the press release reported. “To think we drew 40 or 50 thousand people to Bristol is surreal. We knew it would be good based on the camaraderie of our group and how wonderfully things were coming together, but we were blown away at the response. We want to thank all the many visitors for making the 2016 Mum Fest one to remember. We hope everyone had fun.”

Vendor chair and festival co-chair Andrea “Andy” Adams and Mum Squad Vendor Subcommittee members were instrumental in recruiting the over 130-plus vendors to the festival.

“The vendors were extremely complimentary saying this was one of the best run festivals they’ve ever been to, and they’ve been all over,” said Adams in the press release. “We were told to be very proud with what we pulled off. We had food vendors running out of food, many vendors telling us they had one of their biggest days ever. It was just incredible. We even have vendors already offering us money for next year.”