Candidate Nicastro asks incumbent to explain silence on Sikorsky vote

State Senate candidate and local businessman Mike Nicastro is asking Henri Martin to explain why he did not get up to speak during the recent vote to keep and grow 8,000 Sikorsky jobs in Connecticut, said a press release from Nicastro’s campaign.

In the 31st District, the release said small businesses, precision manufacturers, machine shops and workers across the entire supply chain have contracted work with Sikorsky and were left without a voice during the senate debate yesterday.

“Local businesses in the district were left without a voice yesterday,” said Nicastro in the press release. “The bill will indirectly support 24,600 jobs at businesses like Connecticut Tool & Manufacturing where I toured just last week.”

“It’s important the towns within the 31st District have a voice they can trust to stand up and speak for them on the senate floor,” Nicastro continued, according to the press release. “Anyone can press a red or green button to vote. This week’s agreement coupled with the recent expansion announcements by Electric Boat and Pratt & Whitney, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for Henri to spread the negative image of Connecticut. I think that’s why he didn’t stand up and say anything. Our communities need someone that will work to help attract new businesses and jobs to central Connecticut and that’s what I’ve done my entire career.”

The press release said the agreement with Sikorsky comes on the heels of recent announcements by Pratt & Whitney and Electric Boat that they plan on hiring thousands of employees in the next several years and expanding operations in Connecticut, thereby reinforcing Connecticut’s standing as a leader in fields of aerospace, technology and manufacturing.

The release said the partnership between the State of Connecticut and Sikorsky is expected to drive an estimated $69.2 billion into Connecticut’s economy between 2016 and 2032.

Nicastro’s campaign release reported it is estimated that nearly 25,000 jobs in Connecticut will be supported both directly and indirectly through the partnership.mike-nicastro-new-head