Letters: Reader concerned over Nicastro’s reference to budget crisis as ‘comical’

To the editor:

It is of great concern to me that candidate Mike Nicastro finds the current budget crisis in Connecticut “comical.” I don’t know Nicastro but I do know a man in denial when I see one. He is correct, however, that the economic situation in our state did not happen overnight. It has taken 30 years of Democrat control of the governorship and both houses of the legislature with a brief interlude during the John Rowland years, Bur remember, the Democrats still had control of the legislature all of that time. It has been a one, two, three punch to the gut of taxpayers from the Democratic governors, Senate, and House of Representatives.

The “missteps and wishful thinking on both sides of the aisle” are, in fact, the misjudgments, poor planning, and poor decisions by the side of the aisle in total control for the last 30 years. “Negative and bellicose behavior” he calls it. It really must be embarrassing to have to face the reality of how the budgets and huge tax increases have resulted in a $2 billion dollar deficit projected for the year 2017.

Nicastro sounds very Republican when he describes the cure as “bringing cost in line with revenues.” Is he saying we need to lower taxes and lower expenditures? Gosh, no more tax increases? Helping small businesses? Many of the cows have left the barn already. Many more are planning to. Has he not been watching the exodus of small manufacturers to South Carolina? Connecticut is rated as one of the most unfriendly states in the nation to small business.

No, Mr. Nicastro, let’s not be candid, Let’s be realistic and honest. Don’t blame the poor economic climate and budget debacle on the Great Recession, It didn’t affect Connecticut any differently than any other state in the country, which relies on manufacturing, The difference has been the way each state has dealt with the recession, and statistics show that Connecticut has dealt with it very poorly. There is no reason for optimism when the state reports the loss of 5500 jobs during August and September.

And if you believe that finding solutions “must be done with everyone at the table” I suggest that you write to Senator Henri Martin during the next budget hearings and tell him to not allow Democrats to lock Republicans out of the budget hearings as they did during the past session. This was a clear sign that Democrats would have no part of Republican Input on any budget matters.

So to the voters of Connecticut I say — the only way you will restore common sense to the solutions of our economic problems is to restore some balance to the legislature, Don’t let one party completely dominate both houses, When they do, make them responsible for the deplorable conditions they have inflicted on us and the prosperity they have robbed from us.

I am one of those who have counted FasTrak buses and their empty seats as they wander aimlessly during all hours of the day and night. I have wondered how much money we lose every day on the cost of personnel, fuel, and maintenance. And they have the gall to tell us this program is a success. Do you buy into that too, Mr. Nicastro? We taxpayers do not.

Robert H. Pavalock