Letters: Reader doubts Martin’s ability to serve in legislature

To the editor:

After reading an article concerning Republican Henri Martin’s denial of any knowledge of campaign flyers I doubt his ability to maintain his senate seat because of his other occupations and family obligations. A legislative seat at his level is a 24/7/365 day a year obligation to the taxpayers. Watching CTN in session at the capitol, Martin seems to spend all his time re-arranging papers on his desk seemingly not focused on the business taking place all around him. I have yet to catch him speak while in session or bring back to Bristol anything but accusations of how poorly the Democrats are handling the state. What has he done for his towns since his election? We hear nothing but complaints and accusations often mirroring what Rep. Whit Betts (R) and Pavalock (R) are saying. When will the people put someone in office with insight, planning, experience and proven leadership like Mike Nicastro rather than someone who doesn’t seem to have time for office or even know what is going on in his campaign?

Susan Zaremba