11-year-old uses birthday party to make difference

Taylor Berube turned 11 years old on Sept. 28 and asked her mother if she could have a giveback party instead receiving gifts as she normally would.

A press release from the family explained, when Taylor’s mother April Berube asked her why she wanted to do this, Taylor said, ”I look at people that don’t have what I have and I get sad and want to help them.”

Her mother said it would take some planning but she could do it. Taylor’s invite said that in lieu of gifts, “please help her give back by donating toiletries, non perishable food items and gently used coats, hats, mittens, and scarves. The invite was sent out to 16 girls. Soon the boys heard about this and wanted to help out too so they joined in, said the family’s press release.

Taylor’s give back party took place on Oct. 15.

While the donations were coming in, the news release explained, the kids were kept busy by making gift bags and cooking. They made 20 “Bless You” bags,10 for women and 10 for men. which were appropriately filled with needed items along with an inspirational note signed by everyone. These were donated to Brian’s Angels.

They also made two trays of pasta with meat sauce and cheese, which was given to St. Vincent DePaul’s.

On Oct. 18, a truck and car full of the items collected was donated to Meals For The Needy, a ministry of Zion Lutheran Church.

Taylor Berube decided to help others at her birthday party this year.

Taylor Berube decided to help others at her birthday party this year.