Solarize Bristol deadline extended

The deadline has been extended to April 30 for homeowners who live, work, and/or worship in Bristol to receive discounted rates for residential solar installations through the Solarize Bristol program.

The Mayor’s Task Force on Energy Consumption and the City of Bristol have worked with a single installer, All Green it Solar over the past 18 weeks, and have been doing solar education and outreach, as well as offering discounted pricing for residents. The Solarize Bristol deadline has been extended and the reduced pricing will be held for residents who participate by April 30.

“We are excited to continue educating residents on the different options to go solar and how to keep the 30 percent federal tax credit offered to solar owners,” said Energy Task Force Chair Frank Stawski, according to a press release on the program.

Over the last four months, 90 residents have reached out to All Green it Solar through the Solarize Bristol program to inquire about solar for their homes. A final workshop is being offered to residents interested in learning how to maximize the financial benefits of going solar on Thursday, April 13 at 7 p.m. at the Bristol Public Library at 5 High St. in Bristol.

The Solarize Bristol offer saves residents an average of $2,008, or 11 percebt off what they would pay for a system at market pricing. The Solarize Bristol offers residents quality equipment with a reputable company for a lower investment than what is typically available due to the aggregated savings of residents going solar together in the community.

To participate or find out more about the program, visit