Gymnasts compete at event with a special cause



FCGymnastics Senior Team

FCGymnastics Junior Team

Members of the Bristol FCGymnastics Team recently competed in the 2017 Annual Alex’s Lemonade Foundation AAU Invitational Gymnastics Meet at All Stars Gymnastics Academy in Windsor, Conn. The meet had a special cause – to raise awareness for childhood cancer.

FCG Assistant team coach, Jennifer St Germain organized a cartwheel-a-thon and raised $3,270 to support Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation at the gymnastics meet.

The foundation’s mission is to raise money and awareness of childhood cancer causes, primarily for research into new treatments and cures, and to encourage and empower others, especially children, to get involved and make a difference for children with cancer and curing childhood cancer, one cup of lemonade at a time.

This is the second year that FCGymanstics participated in this event and they look forward to participating again next year and increasing their donation amount. “We are extremely proud of our girl’s commitment to the cartwheel-a-thon. Our gymnasts and families have big hearts at FCG. Our coaches and our entire organization are very proud of all the girls and families that took the time to make a difference and participate in the fundraiser.” said head coach Jessica Morelli in a press release from FCGymnastics


Some of the top finishers in the meet for Bristol FCG:

Xcel Bronze Division–Kailey Hogan, 3rd place vault, 2nd place uneven bars, 1st place beam and all-around; Caitlynn Jiantonio 3rd place beam, floor and all-around; Nala Jones 2nd place beam, 1st place floor and 3rd place all-around; Aniela King 3rd place vault, uneven bars, 2nd place beam; Samantha Caron 1st place floor and 2nd place all-around; Natalie Bilodeau 3rd place beam and floor; Ariah Myers 2nd place vault. The Xcel Bronze division placed 3rd as a team out of 8 teams!


Xcel Silver Division: Julia Armington 1st place vault, uneven bars, beam, 3rd place floor and 1st place all-around; Elayna Reynoso 1st place floor, 2nd place beam, uneven bars and all-around; Taylor Freimuth 2nd place beam, vault, 1st place uneven bars and all-around; Peyton Parker 1st place beam, 2nd place floor and all-around; Nyjaiha Ross 3rd place vault and all-around; Paige Graff 3rd place floor; Sydnie Smith 2nd place uneven bars; Elizabeth Chambers 3rd place beam; Avery Braccia 2nd place beam, 3rd place vault and all-around; Alana Ellin 2nd place uneven bars; Emma Kimball 3rd place floor, 2nd place uneven bars, 1st place beam, vault and all-around; Jocelyn Dall’Aste 3rd place floor, 2nd place beam, uneven bars and 1st place all-around; Sophia Andrade 3rd place uneven bars, beam, floor and all-around; Camryn Patton 1st place floor; Alivia Koch 3rd place beam. The Xcel Silver division placed first as a team out of eight teams

Xcel Gold Division: Mia Caruso 1st uneven bars; Carolyn Wilson 1st place beam, 2nd place   all-around; Tyjah Jones 2nd place vault; Julia Freimuth 2nd place beam, 3rd place floor, 1st place all-around; Gabby Naranjo 2nd place uneven bars, 3rd place all-around; Gabby Balboni 1st place vault, uneven bars, floor and all-around; Emily Mendelson 2nd place beam, floor and 3rd place all-around; The Xcel Gold team placed 2nd as a team out of 8 teams!

Xcel Platinum Division: Chloe Cyr 2nd beam, 3rd uneven bars and all-around; Julianna Scott 3rd vault and floor; Deniz Torres-Jones 1st uneven bars and all-around.


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