Martin, Senate Republicans release revised state budget plan

State  Senator Henri Martin (R-31) and members of the Senate Republican Caucus released a revised line-by-line state budget proposal that closes the projected state budget deficit for the next two years without creating new taxes.

“People and businesses have told me that Connecticut’s high taxes and over-regulation are driving them out of our state. They need relief and they need it now,” Martin said, according to a Republican press release. “This budget proposal reduces state spending and makes the structural changes that will stabilize our budgets and provide an environment where businesses and our economy can grow and create jobs. I proudly stand behind this proposed budget and will join with my colleagues to pass a responsible spending plan that is good for everyone in our state.”

Some of the structural changes in the Republican budget proposal include, the press release said:

Capping the amount the state can bond each year

Seeks $2 billion in savings from state employee health insurance plans and pensions

Privatizing some state services

Consolidate state agencies

Eliminating legislative committees


The updated two-year Senate Republican proposal does the following:

Closes the state budget deficit without tax increases

Increases education funding by $170 million in the first two years and includes a new Education Cost Sharing formula

Reformulates municipal funding and holds towns harmless in the first year to cuts to statutory grants

Streamlines government

Provides for structural changes

Maintains the tax exempt status for hospitals to protect them from a new local hospital tax

Preserves core government services by restoring funding for social services such as Meals on Wheels, mental health care and substance abuse treatment

Prioritizes transportation needs and stabilizes funding without tolls or new taxes

Lowers taxes for retirees and helps seniors age in place

Enhances funding for state parks and tourism

Line-by-line details available at

Martin represents the communities of Bristol, Harwinton, Plainville, Plymouth, and Thomaston.