Weather forecast scuttles Forestville Memorial Parade

The mayor’s office posted this statement from the Forestville Memorial Day organizers:


Date: Sunday, May 28, 2017

To: Parade Participants, Volunteers and the Public

From: Forestville MD Parade Committee

Subject: Parade Cancellation

This year’s 2017 Forestville Memorial Day Tribute Parade unfortunately has
been canceled due to the forecasted weather. After speaking to a number of
our participants and the unavoidable rainy forecast, this course of action
was necessary. Many of our entrees have very expensive uniforms and
equipment. We have an electrical supply for our reviewing stand which
powers our PA system, Nutmeg TV and this year’s (2) Emcees. We also have
(3) horses to consider, with their traction, on a potentially wet pavement.
The vast majority of our parade participants are children. Due to these
factors, and more, any precipitation, even light, threatens the
parade. This
is the 2nd year in a row that the weather has caused the cancelation of our
parade. With that being said it certainly has caused alot of
disappointment from the public to the participants, and the committee who
has spend so much time and effort preparing. Even though rain is in the
forecast tomorrow the parade committee wishes you a great day.

Whatever your plans are tomorrow, let us never forget those that have given
the ultimate sacrifice for this country, and let us never forget the true
meaning of Memorial Day.


*Chuck Woodin,*
Parade Committee Chair

*On Memorial Day we Honoring Those *
*That Have **Given The Ultimate Sacrifice*