Fire report for June 9

The Bristol Fire Department reported the following incidents last week.

May 26

Metal Finishing Technologies Inc., 60 Wooster Ct., system malfunction, other.

131 Rambler St., lock-in.

Stafford Avenue and Sonstrom Road, motor vehicle accident with injuries.

Witches Rock Road and Cove Road, vehicle accident, general cleanup.

264 Davis Dr., lock-in.

Burger King, 1033 Farmington Ave., smoke or odor removal.

Terryville Avenue and Clark Avenue, vehicle accident, general cleanup.

30 Mills St., malicious, mischievous false call, other.

May 27

445 Mix St., assist police or other governmental agency.

881 Pine St., unauthorized burning.

22 Overlook Ave., electrical wiring/ equipment problem, other.

800 Terryville Ave., authorized controlled burning.

Redstone Hill Road and Middle Street, motor vehicle accident with no injuries.

152 Ashley Rd., vehicle accident, general cleanup.

May 28

110 Halcyon Dr., electrical wiring/equipment problem, other.

56 Treble Rd., lock-out.

14 Harvest Lane, unauthorized burning.

May 29

18 Sandra St., building fire.

65 Stonecrest Dr., oil or other combustible liquid spill.

218 West St., lock-out.

45 Hawthorne St., arcing, shorted electrical equipment.

20 Adna Rd., building fire.

May 30

215 Summer St., emergency medical service, other.

Barnes Highway and Lincoln Avenue, vehicle accident, general cleanup.

Savers, 657 Farmington Ave., medical assist, assist EMS crew.

212 Louisiana Ave., arcing, shorted electrical equipment.

Norris Driving and Woodard Driving, electrical wiring/equipment problem, other.

437 Divinity St., natural vegetation fire, other.

10 North Main St., lock-out.

23 Elm St., vehicle accident, general cleanup.

21 Lucien Rd., brush or brush-and-grass mixture fire.

Supernatural Deli, 224 North Main St., motor vehicle accident with no injuries.

May 31

683 Camp St., cooking fire, confined to container.

Wolcott Street and Wolcott Road, vehicle accident, general cleanup.

Peck Lane and Wolcott Street, electrical wiring/equipment problem, other.

Peppermint Lane and Wintergreen Road, power line down.

524 Broad St., lock-out.

Dunkin Donuts, 15 Pine St., motor vehicle accident with no injuries.

Aldis, 110 Middle St., lock-out.

23 Gridley St., smoke detector activation, no fire.

93 Newell Ave., smoke or odor removal.

Elm Street and Prospect Street, unauthorized burning.

26 North St., lock-out.

June 1

72 Fox Den Rd., power line down.

40 Sand Hill Rd., lock-out.

June 2

Valero, 228 Pine St., outside rubbish fire, other.

Valero, 228 Pine St., dumpster or other outside trash receptacle fire.

Pinewood Terrace, 505 Emmett St., fuel burner/boiler malfunction, fire confined.