‘Gathering for the Paws’ this weekend

On Saturday, July 15, 20 volunteer musicians and artists will come together to raise funds and awareness for the Dog Star Rescue. The third annual “Gathering for the Paws” uses a musically-inspired outlet to spread the word about shelter animals and the funding challenges that many of these shelters face in working to create a safe environment for animals, until they can be adopted.

Gathering for the Paws is being held at the St Joseph Polish Society in Forestville. Doors open at noon and music and entertainment are expected to last for over 10 hours. Featured bands include RGB, Tablature, Sister Funk, Josh & Jeanine, CG & Friends, Just Winging It, Brand New Karma, Off the Dome Duo, Someone You Can Xray & Jeff Summa & The Roasters.

Tickets are $10 and all proceeds go to the Dog Star Rescue. In addition to the music, the event will feature raffles, a pet food drive and information on adopting shelter animals.

The Dog Star Rescue is a non-profit, no kill animal shelter and rescue facility For more information on the Dog Star Rescue: http://www.dogstarrescue.org/

“Today’s animal shelters rely on funding from their local communities to stay in business,” commented Sarah Fetzer, event organizer, according to a press release. “As the number of stray and abused animal’s increases, shelters become more crowded and rely on your donations to ensure the proper care of these animals.”

“Gathering of the Paws provides attendees with an enjoyable day of music while shining a light on the plight of our local animal shelters and what more we can be doing to support the cause.”

Contact Sarah Fetzer at (860)922-2443 for additional information or visit Facebook “Gathering for the Paws” to learn more.