Opportunity is knocking for Budderside



Singer Patrick Stone looks at his band Budderside’s current tour with legendary rockers L.A. Guns as an opportunity for his group,

First of all, Stone said in a phone interview, the tour is a great opportunity to get his band—which also includes Michael Stone on bass, Colin Reid on guitar, and Rich Sacco on drums—in front of L.A. Guns’ fans.

And Stone said the fans of the headliners have been responsive to the set by Budderside. “It’s really cool… It’s been amazing.” Stone said the line to meet the band after their set wraps around the venue. The merchandise table is jammed. And the band is selling out its CDs each night.

The tour also is a great opportunity for Budderside to solidify who they feel they should be in the world of music, said Stone.

For instance, Stone said he knows Budderside isn’t a “sleaze rock” band like L.A. Guns. He likes what the headliners do, “who doesn’t like girls and a sexy attitude.” However, that’s not Budderside’s message. “We’re not all about sex and rock and roll.”

For Stone, Budderside is all about authenticity. “We’re about integrity and being true to who we are.”

The band prides itself on sounding like itself, said Stone, who feels the band can play before just about any audience because just about any audience will find something to like.

Part of the reason for this is the musical foundation of Budderside, explained Stone.

“I have millions of influences,” said Stone, citing Michael Jackson, Prince, Hall and Oates, Cyndi Lauper as some unexpected sources for hard rocking band. He also is drawn to Guns ‘N’ Roses (he sang with G ‘n’ R’s original drummer Stephen Adler), Foo Fighters, and Pink Floyd.

“There are so many great songs… I don’t want to leave anything behind,” said Stone. “Our music reflects that.”

As Stone speaks about music, his passion overflows through the telephone line.

Stone said he has had a passion for music since he was 5-years-old and tugged on his father’s pant leg and said, “I want to be a rock and roll star.” Part of this love for music was fueled by his older sister’s  passion for music. “She was so into rock and roll,” said Stone. He would go into her room and see posters for such albums as the Rolling Stones, “Tattoo You,” Supertramp’s “Breakfast in America,” and AC/DC’s “Back in Black.”

“I thought she was the coolest thing and I wanted to just like her,” said Stone.

Family inspired Stone’s love for music. And Budderside has become like a family based on music.

Stone said he met his bassist Michael Stone when he first arrived in L.A. and there was an instant connection.  “Stone Man is a real tough guy,” said Stone. If the singer was in a tussle with a bunch of bikers, Stone Man would jump right into the fray to help, no questions asked. In addition to being a great friend, Stone said the bassist is a great musician

Sacco accentuates the band’s message of authenticity because he approaches the songs in “such an obscure way, it’s so original… His parts are just insane.”

Colin Reid is a late addition to the band. He’s the band’s “biggest blessing,” said Stone. “He’s a monster guitar player…. We want to be noted for outstanding musicianship and Colin’s got all of that.”

“They’re just such talented guys,” said Stone

As an opener for L.A. Guns, Stone said he feels it his job to get the crowd pumped. He is responsible for getting that “rock and roll feeling” flowing in the room and “get (the fans) out of their seats.”

By the time Budderside says goodnight, Stone said he wants the audience “melted like ‘budder.’”

Budderside opens for L.A. Guns on Thursday, July 27 at The Webster Theater, 31 Webster St., Hartford. Doors open at 5 p.m. Show begins at 5:30 p.m. Derailer and Crosby are also on the bill. Tickets are $20.

For more information, go to WebsterTheater.com or budderside.com

Budderside opens for L.A. Guns next week in Hartford.