Halloween decorations as easy to use as saying, ‘BOO!’



Time was when you decorated your house for Halloween, you’d pop over to the local party store, buy some paper cut outs of witches, vampires, and Frankenstein’s Monster. You’d grab your cellophane tape and go to town covering your doors and some windows.

It took some time to do this.

And if you were really ambitious, you’d create a yard sized tableau of ghoulish delights to frighten the kids trick or treating and your neighbors.

But if you liked Halloween, and had no time for a lot of fuss (your job kept your busy, for instance), you were out of luck. Your house would look lackluster and barren as the kids came calling and your neighbors drove by.

However, technology is wonderful. And a new gadget available now is a great way to create some spooky atmosphere for your house, and you can do it by just reaching toward the outlets and hitting the remote control.

AtmosFX 2017 is a device that offers digital decorations for Halloween (and really any holiday). The device is a computer projector that displays on windows all sorts of ghoulish scenes on a white screen (which is provided). When the device arrives, there is an SD card with 14 different animated sequences including Evil Twins or dancing skeletons. There are also shadow plays, for instance, featuring a vampire zeroing in on a damsel in distress.

It’s pretty fun to watch and you can let the scenes play on a loop or you can string together several of them, which also will loop. If you have a sound system and can pull your speakers to a window, the scenarios come with a soundtrack as well.

The key with AtmosFX is how easy it is to give you some Halloween cache. You just plug it in, focus the projector lens, toward the window, punch up the scene you want with the remote, and hit play.

There is no cellophane to stain the walls or doors. And there is no real clean-up. The morning after Halloween, you unplug it, pack it away, and leave it alone till Christmas (yes, you can buy digital decorations with St. Nick as well).

There a few caveats. The device is not recommended for outdoor use. So you won’t be able to project the scenes on that big wall on the side of your house. And for the biggest impact, it helps to have a huge bay-type window for the projection to be seen properly from the street.

But overall, in our test usage, AtmosFX definitely lets us release our inner Halloween, but also it saves us the hassle of set-up and clean-up.

For more information, go to www.Atmosfx.com

The AtmosFX 2017, digital decorations projector.