Bristol Central picks up victories at CCC championships



MANCHESTER – At the recent Central Connecticut Conference cross country championship meet from Wickham Park on Tuesday, Oct. 17, the outfit from Bristol Central was a winner on several fronts.

The boys squad from Central won the Patriot South division at the completion of the race.

The team finished the campaign with a 13-1 overall record, an 11-1 CCC South ledger and made a clean sweep in South Patriot action, 4-0.

And the girls nearly followed suit, just with a different overall record.

“The Bristol Central boys and girls [programs] won the Patriot South Division at CCC Championship today,” said Central coach Tamara Stafford-Kirk after the event.

Central (42 points, 10th overall in CCC race, 2nd in CCC South race) saw Mark Petrosky (2nd, 17:12.5) the runner up in division action and Devin Flores (3rd, 17:25.9) also placed well as both runners earned CCC South All Conference honors.

Also running well was Matthew Roy (9th, 18:081.7), Benjamin Stafford (13th, 18:10.5), Nate DeAngelo (15th, 18:14.4), Pacifico Flores (16th, 18:14.4), Ian Kreciglowa (17th, 18:15.4), who all made top-20 finishes over a very well-run race.

“[The] boys ran well today with personal records for most of the boys,” said Stafford-Kirk. “We lost a close one to Middletown but look to get that one back at the Class L Championship next week. Mark Petrosky and Devin Flores led the way and made the All-Conference team by finishing in the top 7 in the South.”

Bristol Eastern took fifth in the CCC South race as Ben Wadowski placed 25th in 19:04.7 to lead the Lancers.

The Bristol Central girls also won the Patriot division over a very outstanding race from the course at Manchester.

Central ended the regular season campaign 9-5 overall, 8-4 in the CCC South, and 4-0 South Patriot action.

Central (70 score in the CCC South results) saw Alexandra Sirko earn seventh place (22:18.1) while the Rams’ captain, Paige Hinton, finished in ninth place (22:30.2).

Also for the Bristol program, Isabella Crandall (11th, 22:54.2), Kristi Yurko (21st, 24:12.4), Marisa Heller (22nd, 24:20.6), and Kiara Suazo (26th, 24:38.1) did very well for the locals.

“The Bristol Central cross-country ladies ran a really strong race today with only six girls in the varsity race and five of the six running [for] personal records,” said Stafford-Kirk. “We are looking to continue building this team with a strong race at Class L and five of the six runners returning [next season].”

The Lancers placed fourth in the CCC South standings, seeing Avery Braccia finishing fourth overall in 21:14.5.


CCC Cross Country Championships – Tuesday, Oct. 17

from Wickham Park, Manchester


*********** BOYS SOUTH DIVISION TEAM SCORE **********

  1. Middletown 1 5 6 11 14 (18) (21) = (37 CCC South score): Matthew Lecky, Ben Carlson, Stefano Mazzeo, Jacob Latronica, Konstantin Ditc, Sean Ahern, Tim Johnson
  2. Bristol Central (42 score, 10th overall in CCC race): Mark Petrosky (2nd, 17:12.5), Devin Flores (3rd, 17:25.9), Matthew Roy (9th, 18:081.7), Benjamin Stafford (13th, 18:10.5), Nate DeAngelo (15th, 18:14.4), Pacifico Flores (16th, 18:14.4), Ian Kreciglowa (17th, 18:15.4)
  3. Berlin 4 8 10 19 20 (24) (27) = 61 Michael Parzych, Joshua Ladd, Gianni Fanelli, Nicholas Parzych, Christopher Bantle, Ryan Munch, Cole Primo
  4. Plainville 7 12 29 31 38 (40) (41 CCC South score, 24th) = 117 Cole McNamara, Connor McNamara, Christopher Young, Bryan Buckley, Andrew Kane, Luke San Juan, Brandon Zheng
  5. Bristol Eastern 25 26 28 30 32 (33) (35) = (141 score): Ben Wadowski (25th, 19:04.7), Sean Sullivan (26th, 19:12.5), Mason Poirier (28th, 19:25.7), Gabriel Bartolome (30th, 19:46.5), Nico Provenzano (32nd, 20:01.2), Benjamin Johnsky (33rd, 20:08.5), Logan Zdun (35th, 20:23.1).
  6. Maloney 22 23 34 36 42 (43) (44) = 157 Reynaldo Torres, Dominic Oliveri, Spenser Santagata, Simon Santos, Jack Flores, John Donlon, Jeffrey Dobensky
  7. Platt 37 39 45 46 47 = 214 Isaiah Arce, Dallas LaComb, Aiden Annino, Jacob Parker, Ben Ruben


*********** GIRLS SOUTH DIVISION TEAM SCORE **********

  1. Berlin 2 3 5 12 13 (15) (16) = (35 score CCC South): Juliana Cancellieri, Megan Perrotta, Madison Marolda, Sarah Perrotta, Morgan Luciani, Madison Monroe, Noelle Konior
  2. Middletown 1 6 10 20 23 (24) (29) = 60 Ariana Monarca, Nicole Nenninger, Alexa Gonzalez, Kaylee Morosky, Rola Dagamseh, Ashley Chuang, Sophia Manos
  3. Bristol Central (70 score CCC South): Alexandra Sirko (7th, 22:18.1), Paige Hinton (9th, 22:30.2), Isabella Crandall (11th, 22:54.2), Kristi Yurko (21st, 24:12.4), Marisa Heller (22nd, 24:20.6), Kiara Suazo (26th, 24:38.1)
  4. Bristol Eastern (82 score CCC South): Avery Braccia (4th, 21:14.5), Kelsie St. Germain (14th, 23:12.8), Maggie Santacroce (18th, 23:44.7), Sophie Andrade (19th, 23:52.1), Audrey Perry (27th, 24:42.0), Janice Gao (40th, 28:43.0).
  5. Plainville 17 25 30 31 33 (34) (35) = 136 Taylor LaPira, Kaycee Newberry, Emma Lopez, Teagan Russell, Helena Yawin, Allie Chambrello, Julia Restelli
  6. Maloney 8 28 32 36 37 (38) (39) = 141 Morgan Kicklighter, Brittney Felix, Kristen McCormack, Hannah Cloutier, Annelise Montuori, Julie Burness, Haley Kennedy