Scholarship for drug abuse rehab offered to residents

Rehabilitation services are now available to any eligible local Bristol family looking to prevent themselves or a loved one from becoming another tragic statistic. A coalition of current and former city officials including Mayor Ken Cockayne and former city council member Eric Carlson of District 1, in conjunction with the Bristol Police Department and the Mississippi Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center has formulated a $100,000 Scholarship program for Bristol residents who qualify.

Scholarship money is designated for those residents who suffer from addiction and/or alcoholism as evaluated by professionals at the MSDATC. The Biloxi, Mississippi-based facility is a licensed, inpatient program with all levels of care. The MSDATC is family-owned and operated by former Bristol resident, Mike Carlson (the son of Eric Carlson) and Dr. Sandi Barnes

“Addiction must be dealt with as soon as possible,” said Mike Carlson in a press release issued out of the mayor’s office. “If we cannot combat it nationally, I will do my part to make treatment more accessible here in Connecticut. Individuals applying for this scholarship will be assessed by the clinical addiction team and then be placed according to medical necessity.”

With the help of former Councilman Eric Carlson, the press release said, MSDATC has agreed to provide $100,000 in services to residents seeking help. Carlson believes this is a step in the right direction for fighting addiction on the home front.

“We are all very well aware of this epidemic, which has no boundaries.  When we were approached by Mike Carlson we were eager to provide any assistance that we could; namely in the sense of being a force multiplier by facilitating relationships with our other partners. The Bristol Police Department remains committed to fighting this epidemic on numerous fronts and we will assist in any way that we reasonably can,” said Bristol Police Chief Brian Gould in the press release.

MSDATC is a 16 Bed co-ed program in Biloxi, Miss. The press release from the mayor’s office said MSDATC philosophy is concentrated on individualized care, ensuring the best outcome for long term recovery based on each individual’s specific goals, and needs. Some of the other treatment programs include primary substance abuse specializing in PTSD, trauma, grief and loss, severe depression, and high anxiety.

Residents who qualify can apply for this scholarship by sending an introductory email to or call toll-free to (855) 334-6120.