New reporter joins Observer staff

Taylor Murchison-Gallagher is the new full-time reporter for the Bristol Observer and the Plainville Observer.

The reporter said she was first attracted to journalism because “I am a voracious reader, and was always the girl with a book in her hands or writing short stories and poetry. Through the guidance of my high school English teacher, I found the path of journalism to be a way for me to incorporate my love for writing with my insatiable need to understand how something works.”

Joining the team to cover Bristol and Plainville, Gallagher-Murchison said one of the aspects of the job she enjoys is how “learning about the ins and outs of communities like Plainville and Bristol gives me a new understanding of how much actually goes into turning a town or city into a community. We can all be quick to complain about decisions that are made by the government, locally and nationally, but getting to understand the process behind the decision can help to lead to more positive changes. I hope to be able to bridge the gap between the decision and the process, so that more positive changes can continue to happen in both communities.”

As she works her beat, Murchison-Gallagher “For me, the truth will always be the deciding factor between ‘news’ and a ‘story’. Stories can be exciting and nerve-racking, and the news can be that as well, but the news has to be able to inform people. As long as the news is presenting the truth, the people reading it will be able to form their own opinions and have their own reaction.

Beyond her duties as a reporter, Murchison-Gallagher said she enjoys books, food, and travel. And beneath the surface, no one would know it, but, “I am a huge Star Wars fan, the Imperial March (Darth Vader’s theme music) is my ringtone.”

Taylor Murchison-Gallagher can be reached at or (860) 628-9645, ext. 234.

Taylor Murchison-Gallagher