Officer bit by dog while serving warrant; dog shot

Two police officers were bitten by a dog last Thursday while serving a warrant. During the incident, one of the officers fired his weapon at the animal.

Bristol police said last Thursday, at approximately 1 p.m., two officers attempted to serve an arrest warrant at 476 Broad St. While speaking to a resident of the apartment, police said the resident’s dog ran out from behind the home.  The dog approached the officers while they were on the front porch. The dog began to growl and bark at the officers.

Police said one of the officers attempted to put a chair that was on the porch between himself and the dog. However, the dog was able to get around the chair and bite the officer on his left arm. The officer was able to get the dog to release his arm. The dog then turned back at the officer, as though it was going to attack the officer again. The officer feared for his safety and drew his duty weapon. The officer discharged his fireman one time at the dog. The dog was struck and ran away from the officers.

The BPD’s Animal Control Officer was called to the scene and transported the dog to an emergency veterinarian. The dog was described as a large Bullmastiff- Pitbull cross.

The officer was treated at the scene for a minor injury to his left forearm. No other injuries were reported.

The investigation is being conducted by the BPD’s Patrol Division, with the assistance of the BPD’s Identification Division.

The subject of the warrant was not located at the address, said police.