Take CERT training classes in February

Are you interested in volunteering to help in times of emergency?

The Bristol Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), will be hosting an initial 24 hours CERT class.

The class is a FEMA sponsored class and covers the following topics:

* Unit 1 – Disaster Preparedness – Covers overview of training, types of disasters, why it’s important to be prepared

* Unit 2 – Fire Safety – Mechanics of a fire, size-up, hazardous materials and how to handle

* Units 3 & 4 – Medical Operations – Triage, wound care, splinting, burns

* Unit 5 – Search and Rescue – interior and exterior searches, rescue operations

* Unit 6 – CERT Organization – What is CERT, how it got started, mobilization

* Unit 7 – Disaster Psychology – Psychological trauma, both for the victims and the responders, team well being

* Unit 8 – Terrorism – Terrorist activity as it applies to CERT, CBRNE, preparing for and responding to events

* Last class – review and practical simulation

The class is designed to prepare you to respond to an urgent situation.

Classes will be held on Tuesday, 6:30 to 9:30 p.m., beginning Feb. 13 and ending March 27. Classes will be held at Fire Station 4, located at 17 Vincent P. Kelly Rd. in Bristol (off of Route 229).

If you are interested in registering for the class, please contact Ron Roberts at ronrob0413&comcast.net. Seating is limited.

Once you complete the class, you have the option of joining the Bristol CERT. The Bristol CERT is comprised of volunteers, who are trained, to provide rapid and safe care for our residents to provide support to the City’s emergency personnel in the event of a major incident or large scale disaster.