Council member reports dominate meeting



The City Council devoted most of its Jan. 19 meeting to announcements section, where the council members shared news from around Bristol.

Council member Greg Hahn brought to light the topic of the Bristol Department of Aging’s tax credit program for senior citizens. Citizens must be 65 years or older, with an annual gross income of no more than $45 thousand for an individual or $50 thousand for a couple (not including Social Security), that own and live on property in Bristol.

By volunteering at least 50 hours in one fiscal year, participating citizens may earn an annual tax credit of $300. The tax credit would be applied to the following fiscal year. For more information, or to sign up, please visit the Bristol Senior Community Center.

Mayor Ellen Zoppo-Sassu added that to date, “there has not been full utilization of this program.”

Councilor Mary Fortier wished a belated birthday to Helen Komanetsky, a long time resident of Bristol. Komanetsky has just celebrated her 105th birthday, and Fortier had provided a large card to be signed by council members and citizens alike to wish Komanetsky a very happy birthday.

Council member Josh Medeiros informed citizens that registration for the winter recreation session is now open. He said a resident of Bristol will be organizing a local chapter of the national organization, Stand for the Silent, which works to give voice to those who are being bullied and may not feel comfortable standing up for themselves. Medeiros also had a message from the Police Department, reminding citizens to clear their portions of the sidewalks, and to remember to lock your vehicles and refrain from leaving your keys inside of the vehicle.

Councilor Dave Mills said that the Central Connecticut Chamber of Commerce will be providing informational boxes to new businesses that arrive in the area.

Council member David Preleski informed citizens that the West End Association is holding its annual “Taste of Bristol’ fundraiser. By purchasing a ticket (available in the mayor’s office), citizens can enjoy a discounted meal at a number of restaurants throughout Bristol.

Councilor Peter Kelley began by thanking the Police Department, Fire Department, Emergency Medical Technicians, Public Works employees and Social Services agencies for braving the drastically low temperatures and wind during the first snowstorm of 2018, in order to keep Bristol functioning at its highest degree.