Grand list rises 0.16 percent



The City of Bristol’s net Grand List rose by 0.16 percent for the new year.

For real estate, there was a 0.49% (15,734,365) increase, bringing the number to $3,239,065,991. Personal property and motor vehicles both saw a decrease, of -2.44% (-$7,437,048) and -0.56% (-#2,139,061) respectively. The total for personal property is $297,420,575 and the total for motor vehicles is $381,131,419.

This brings the Grand List total to $3,917,617,985, said City Assessor Thomas DeNoto.

DeNoto explained the city is required by state statutes assess and revalue properties every five years, and 2017 was that year. The increase in real estate, said DeNoto, is due mostly to large apartment complexes, and commercial and industrial properties. He also said that some residential properties went up 5 percent to 8 percent, but more of them increased by only 1 percent or went down.

The top 10 taxpayers in Bristol are ESPN, which is ranked first, taking up approximately 5.57 percent of the tax bases; Connecticut Light & Power – Eversource (1.57 percent ), Covanta (0.87 percent), Bristol Center LLC (0.86 percent), and Bristol Sports Dst. (0.64 percemt) rounded out the top five.