New lab equipment unveiled at Bristol Hospital

Just in time for Medical Laboratory Professionals Week—which takes place in late April—Bristol Hospital has unveiled a battery of new laboratory equipment that will result in enhanced capabilities and quicker turnaround times for patients undergoing lab tests.

The hospital has gone live with its new Roche Diagnostic’s Cobas Analyzers, which are a new platform to perform state-of-the-art tests in its hospital-based laboratory. The Cobas system includes two Cobas 6000 Analyzers and one Cobas 8000 Analyzer—which are all housed in the hospital’s Laboratory Automation Room. The system can perform 100 different tests including a specific cardiac diagnostic test which will determine if a patient has experienced a heart attack.

“Bristol Hospital is one of a handful of hospitals in Connecticut to have installed the Cobas technology,” said Bristol Hospital Laboratory Director Cindy L. Dubowsky, MS, MLS, (ASCP) in a press release. Dubowsky leads the lab along with Medical Director Michele P. Normandin, MD. “For the majority of tests with our older equipment, a STAT or emergency request for specific lab tests would take about 21 minutes to analyze. Now with the Roche Coba system, those STAT tests take only about nine minutes to get the results.”

With the quicker turnaround time, the press release from the hospital reported, Dubowsky said there will be a significant cost savings for Bristol Hospital. The equipment was delivered and installation began in late November. The analyzers went live on March 20.

“Our team is very dedicated to providing the best patient experience,” Dubowsky said in the press release. “This equipment gives us a means to do that with the results being available in a much more timely fashion.”

Shown with the Bristol Hospital Laboratory’s new Diagnostic’s Cobas 6000 Analyzers are Laboratory Director Cindy L. Dubowsky, MS, MLS, (ASCP), left, and Chemistry Laboratory Supervisor Kelly Bombard, MT,