Arts, culture panel selected by council



Mayor Ellen Zoppo-Sassu announced six of the seven commissioners that have been nominated to the newly formed Arts and Culture Commission, on Tuesday, April 10, during the City Council meeting.

They are Jesse Gallagher, Lindsay B. Vigue, Samantha Cloutier, Kim Villanti, former mayor William T. Stortz, and Juliet Norton.

Once adopted, the Arts and Culture Commission, will be Section 2-146 through 2-150 of the City of Bristol Code of Ordinances.

There is to be seven commissioners and their role includes encouraging “tourism, entertainment, and arts in order to foster the development of community pride and improve the quality of life for Bristol residents”, “make recommendations to the mayor and city council concerning the financial sponsorship of various activities and events and investigate other means of securing funding for commission activities”, “coordinate the publication of a community calendar of events and any other appropriate publications which will showcase the large number of quality arts, cultural, tourism, and family-oriented activities occurring locally,” and to “perform other duties as may be assigned by the City Council”.

Zoppo-Sassu said the seventh commissioner will be announced by the next council meeting, but the announcement could come earlier than that.

“These nominations are effective upon the date the Ordinance goes into effect, 14 days from date of publication,” said the mayor. “I think all of you have a great charge. You already heard from our announcements tonight, there is a lot going on in Bristol, and it’s your job now to promote all of that, to tie that together, and to have this be a very vital place, and a vibrant place, for those who already live and work here, as well as attracting those from the area to come to Bristol for all that we have to offer. To the six of you, thank you for your commitment to date, and we look forward to working for you and providing the resources that you need to do the job of this commission.”