Junior Youth of the Year selected



The Bristol Boys and Girls Club Family Center hosted the Junior Youth of the Year competition on Monday, May 1, and 10-year-old Milan Barresi was named as the winner.

“It’s a process for 10 to 13 year olds that are nominated by staff members,” said Meredith Rogers, the education director. “They have to go through an essay, a speech, and an interview process with judges.”

Barresi, along with 10-year-olds Lissette Castillo, Chloe Oskandy, Jayden Sokolowski, and 11-year-olds Livia Costa and Arianna Martinez, began preparing in March. They each spent one hour every Monday through Thursday, working on their personal essays and speeches.

“I walked in nervous, but then when I got in and met the judges I was confident in myself and it was a fun experience,” said Barresi.

Rogers said the winner would receive an award certificate, and their picture would be displayed in the case by the front lobby.

Milan Barresi, left, poses with Meredith Rogers of the Bristol Boys and Girls Club. Barresi was the recipient of the Junior Youth of the Year award. (JANELLE MORELLI PHOTO)