Cosmetology school to teach fathers how to style daughter’s hair

A Daddy Daughter Hair Factory workshop will take place at the International Institute of Cosmetology on Friday, June 15 in honor of Father’s Day weekend.

DDHF stands for Daddy Daughter Hair Factory, which was a program developed in 2015 by Phillippe Morgese, who had been struggling to style his daughter Emma’s hair.

It has now developed into a community of parents offering free classes to help other father’s learn to manage and style their daughter’s hair. The classes run exclusively on donations and volunteers. While it started in the United States, other countries are starting to gain interest and host classes of their own.

Local instructor Dan Threlfall from Wolcott, Conn. will be teaching at the International Institute of Cosmetology.  He works as a corrections officer and started helping with his daughter’s hair to assist his wife at home. Before long, he realized the bond he was building with his daughters and now teaches DDHF classes in New England.