Arts panel meets for 1st time, picks officers



The Arts, Culture, and Tourism Commission held its first meeting since its creation by ordinance, on Wednesday, May 23.

Six of the seven commissioners were announced in the April City Council meeting; Jesse Gallagher, Lindsay Vigue, Samantha Cloutier, Kim Villanti, former Mayor William Stortz, and Juliet Norton. The seventh member, Alexandra Thomas, was appointed in May but was unable to attend due to her college graduation ceremony.

Commissioners voted Vigue to serve as chair, and Villanti to serve as vice chair.

Greg Hahn, city councilor and ACT commission liaison, oversaw the meeting, as the commissioners discussed what their role would be for the city, as well as different ways to get the community involved in their work.

“It sounds like the first three things we need to do,” said Gallagher, “one, would be, to explore the grants that the city is now capable of applying for because this commission exists. Two, would be, to mirror or find some way to set into motion a mechanism for people to apply for grants to this commission, and then, three, would be to prioritize the departments and the people we need to speak with to move towards the information you [Hahn] talked about, just now, that was recommended; what they’re looking for in this commission, what they hope to see, what they hope to get out of it. I haven’t seen any of that sort of lined here, but if there’s already a human cry, then maybe we should start there and see where that takes us.”

The commission voted to hold their meetings on the third Wednesday of each month, at 6:30 p.m.