Meet Bristol Central’s valedictorian



Michael Kaminski was named Bristol Central High School’s class of 2018 valedictorian.

Kaminski said the announcement officially came out about two weeks ago, but he knew going into his senior year, as you’re able to check your class rank and grades throughout the year.

“I knew the about the beginning of my senior year,” said Kaminski, “how everything was lined up that I would most likely end up being it, so I wasn’t  like shocked but I was proud that I ended up getting that.”

And while he may have known all along, his family and friends were still very proud of him.

“My parents and like my family, they were very proud because it takes four years of work to get to this point and my friends – some of them didn’t even know that I was top of my class, so it was kind of funny to see their reactions,” said Kaminski.

He said his time at BCHS was enjoyable due to the “awesome” atmosphere and “great” teachers.

Kaminski was a member of the varsity swimming team and men’s tennis team. He served as captain on both teams for his senior year, and said his tennis teammates are what he’ll most miss about high school.

Kaminski offered a bit of advice to incoming freshman.

“A lot of times, I hear from fellow seniors is that if they had taken their freshman year more seriously, it would have had a larger positive impact on the rest of their high school career, because people come in their freshman year, they don’t realize that what they do that first year has the same weight as what they do their junior year or their senior year,” said Kaminski. “It all weighs out the same 25 percent and you have to take each year as seriously, and just setting yourself up for success with that first year is going to be crucial to success in the future.”

Kaminski is headed to the Air Force Academy on June 28, where he hopes to become a pilot.

Bristol Central High School’s valedictorian Michael Kaminski