Meet Bristol Eastern’s salutatorian



Tina Guo was named the salutatorian for the Bristol Eastern High School class of 2018.

Guo said she had been ranked second in her class for about three years, and that the rank remained steady during that time, but she knew officially at the end of the third quarter.

“My sophomore year I took a class after school called Greek Studies and with that class I was able to study abroad, and go to Greece, so I think that was definitely one of the highlights,” said Guo.

Guo’s advice to incoming freshman is to try a lot of new things.

“I would say to try a lot of new things when you first come into high school, see what really sticks and what you really like, like the people that you meet,” said Guo.

Guo plans to attend UCONN this coming autumn.

“My major right now is cognitive science but, I’m most likely switching to physiology and neurobiology,” said Guo. “I want to do some clinical research, but I also want to work with patients.”

Guo would want to work in pathology, because she is interested in Alzheimer’s disease, strokes, and aneurysms.

Bristol Eastern High School salutatorian Tina Guo (PHOTO by JANELLE MORELLI)