Mechanized style

By MIKE CHAIKEN EDITIONS EDITOR Classic cars are about style.
Like the latest garments out of New York or Paris, there are different silhouettes. Sometimes the lines are sharply defined. Sometimes, they slope and emphasize the curves. Owners of these cars restore them to color palettes that reflect their taste—sometimes the colors pop, sometimes they exude a quiet elegance. And classic car aficionados like to deck out their vehicles with assorted accessories, such as chrome grills and mag wheels that emphasize their individuality. The classic car owners also like to add those special details that draw the eye in, such as racing stripes or logos.
The style of the vehicle can denote status. And cars can denote demeanor—are you cool, ritzy, or rugged.
At Barrett Jackson’s third annual auction at Mohegan Sun, automotive fashion of every dimension was on display as car fanatics with a little disposable income picked their favorite vehicles and primed themselves to make their bids in the auctions to follow.
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