Arts panel putting pieces into place



In the July meeting of the City Arts and Culture Commission, the commissioners approved their logo, tagline, began planning their involvement in upcoming events, and began to discussion their role in the City and how they plan to execute that role.

Vice chair, Kim Villanti, passed out packets with the new logo, the vision statement, and the roles of the commission. The CACC vision statement reads, “The CACC serves to provide guidance on enhancing the lives of the citizens of Bristol through the arts; stimulate public awareness of the arts and culture of Bristol; and develop ways to improve the experience of living, working, playing and visiting the city.”

Villanti will be in charge of performing arts, a role that includes “providing ideas and venues throughout the city that promote and celebrate theater, singing, film, comedy, poetry, theater workshops and fostering new talent.”

CACC chair, Lindsay Vigue, will be in charge of public art, bringing “art into our everyday living by making it accessible in places that we walk, drive and frequent throughout the city.” This work may include mural projects, sculpture gardens, crosswalk art, and a public art map.

Commissioner Aly Thomas was charged with outreach and education, “connecting our different communities, including those who have been historically marginalized. Our reach must be accessible and include ability, language, age and cultural differences. Educationally, we will plan and execute events that seek to teach and foster creativity for our community through the arts.”

The visual arts will be overseen by commissioner Juliet Norton, who will do so by “sourcing exhibition space throughout the city” and promote “artists through live art, scholarships and the exhibiting of their works.”

Commissioner Jesse Gallagher will be working with all aspects of music, which will “identify and support current providers of live music, including both vendors and performers.”

Commissioners Sam Cloutier, and former mayor Bill Stortz, have been charged with culture and tourism. Their work will “seek to promote culture as well as cultural differences in our city while partnering with other organizations to bring people from the outside into Bristol.”

The CACC has also agreed to host the Mum Festival art walk and artist gala, which will be held in September.

The commission meets on the third Wednesday of each month, at 6:30 p.m.