Charter panel discusses council suggestions



The Charter Revision Commission met on Tuesday, Aug. 7, to discuss the City Council’s recommendations regarding the proposed changes to section 56, referring to unlawful harassment by elected officials, and section 39, regarding staggering terms for board of education members.

Led by vice chair, Jon FitzGerald, commissioners John Krampitz, Craig Minor, Harold Kilby, Sandra Bogdanski, and Michele Roalf, voted to approve  the motion regarding section 56, which was to delete the phase “reserved for future use,” from the title caption of the section.

There was much discussion regarding section 39 and the proposed recommendations.

In the joint meeting of the City Council and Charter Revision commission on Tuesday, July 31, FitzGerald and city clerk, Therese Pac, had a discussion as Pac believed the commission’s proposed changes to this section were unclear. Pac had submitted her own draft language to address the corrections she was recommending on Tuesday, July 24, and FitzGerald believed her changes to be redundant.

FitzGerald reported that Pac gave him another version of her draft language on the morning of Aug. 7. As the discussions continued, commissioners felt that the draft submitted by Pac on Aug. 7, was essentially the same as the original proposal submitted by the commission, but had deleted the last sentence and added dates.

In the end, all six commissioners voted to reject the language Pac submitted on July 24. Commissioners Krampitz, Minor, Kilby, and Roalf voted in favor of the language Pac submitted on Aug. 8, with commissioners FitzGerald and Bogdanski voting against the language because they felt it was exactly the same as what was originally proposed.

FitzGerald said he would incorporate the new language into his draft and send it to the other commissioners, who were instructed to send their comments to the City Council no later than Friday, Aug. 10, in order for the corrections to be a part of the City Council meeting set to take place on Wednesday, Aug. 15.