Kayla Paulette named this year’s Miss Mum



The Mum Festival is officially underway as a new Miss Mum and her royal court were crowned.

In a pageant held at Chippens Hill Middle School, Kayla Paulette was picked as Miss Mum; Carson Gagne was tapped as Junior Miss Mum; the new Petite Miss Mum is Leah Aparo; a,nd Mini Miss Mum is Gianna Cassin.

Among the categories the girls were judged on were casual wear and on-stage question.

After the pageant, and a bunch of photographs, the new representatives of the Mum Festival spoke about their emotions at the end of the night.

“I feel extremely happy,” said Kayla. “It’s a great end to a great day.” Additionally, Kayla said, “I’m super excited to help Bristol and overall just be a great influence to everybody.”

Carson said she felt “amazing…After four years that I’ve done pageants, I’m so happy.” She added, “I’m looking forward to talking to people and just having a great time.”

Leah Aparo, the new Petite Miss Mum said, “I feel really excited and happy inside… I’m looking forward to being a good role model.”

Gianna Cassin, the new Mini Miss Mum said, “I’m so happy… I’m looking forward to seeing people and stuff and going to new places.”

The awards for the evening were as follows:

Essay Winner:

Sofia Circosta

Miss Hospitality:

Gianna Lacapra

People’s Choice:

Angela Ragaini

Mini 1st Runner Up:

Tesla McCool

Mini Miss Mum 2018:

Gianna Cassin

Petite Miss Mum 2018:

Leah Aparo

Junior 2nd Runner Up:

Sage Cibula

Junior 1st Runner Up:

Allison Aparo

Junior Miss Mum 2018:

Carson Gagne

1st Runner Up Miss Mum:

Jenna Siemiatkoski

Miss Mum 2018:

Kayla Paulette

Kayla Paulette is crowned Miss Mum 2018 by Miss Mum 2017 Emma Guilmette at last Friday’s Miss Mum pageant held at Chippens Hill Middle School. The pageant served as the official kick off to the Mum Festival. See The Observer’s special insert this Friday for more information about the festival.

Front row from the right, Miss Mum Kayla Paulette, Junior Miss Mum Carson Gagne, Mini Miss Mum Gianna Cassin, and Petite Miss Mum Leah Aparo on stage at Chippens Hill Middle School after being crowned last Friday night. (MIKE CHAIKEN PHOTO)

The contestants from last Friday’s Miss Mum pageant at Chippens Hill Middle School. (MIKE CHAIKEN PHOTO)

The new representatives for Miss Mum are, front row from the left, Petite Miss Mum Leah Aparo and Mini Miss Mum Gianna Cassin; back row the left, Junior Miss Mum Carson Gagne and Miss Mum Kayla Paulette. (MIKE CHAIKEN PHOTO)