Another Mum Fest in the history books





After almost a year’s worth of planning, the Bristol Mum Festival has drawn to a close.

Running from Thursday, Sept. 20, to Sunday, Sept. 23 on the Memorial Boulevard, the Mum Festival offered attractions for every age.

Five-year-old Emma D., said the festival “looks pretty cool,” and that her favorite part of the weekend was being able to go on rides such as the Avalanche, “because it’s super high.”

Similarly, Stephanie Suon, Nana Affainie, and Dyamond Garcia, said they enjoyed the festival because of the atmosphere and the various activities.

Suon said her favorite part was the rides, but she also enjoyed walking through the vendor booths. Affanie also enjoyed the vendor booths, as she said that she loves jewelry.

“I think the atmosphere is just really cool,” said Garcia. “Just, a whole community coming back together year after year, to enjoy a fair together and time together, I think that’s just really cool,” said Garcia.

Garcia said that the live entertainment was her favorite part, because she thinks it’s cool “to see all the different music.”

Saturday at the Mum Festival brought many people out to see the car show, which Bristol resident, Robin Comeau, said is what she and her husband came to see.

“It’s just nice to get out in town, and just meander around,” said Comeau, “just a nice day out with my husband.”

The festival also attracted citizens from outside of Bristol, such as Ellen Stewart of Fairfield, Conn., who spent her afternoon with her daughter, granddaughter, and friend.

The Mum Festival itself may be over, but Mum Season will continue into October, when the Mum-A-Thon Road Race returns on Sunday, Oct. 21, at St. Paul Catholic High School, 1001 Stafford Ave.

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