Traffic boxes: Arts panel says ‘wrap’ it up



The City Arts and Culture Commission met last Wednesday, Sept. 19, and discussed various projects that the commission has in store.

Commission chair, Lindsay Vigue, discussed the traffic box art project, and said there are still five boxes to be completed by the Tuesday, Oct. 30 deadline. Vigue reported that one artist will not be able to finish the box in time, which sparked a discussion regarding alternative traffic box art ideas.

Vigue suggest traffic box wraps, and said they can be found in places such as Boston or New Haven. A wrap is typically a photograph or piece of art that is digitally printed onto an adhesive material, such as vinyl, and then adhered to the box.

Commissioners discussed having wraps with historical information about the city, as well as wraps with various designs featured.

Commissioner Juliet Norton thought the historical wraps would be better suited for the downtown area, but didn’t want the wraps to take away from the mission of the commission.

“I think the reason we’re here… is to encourage artists in this town to be able to show their work and to be creative, to put their stamp on this town,” said Norton. “I want to encourage that as well.”

The discussion concluded with Vigue saying she wanted to do more research into the details of having wraps made, as well as, checking which traffic boxes are city owned and visible enough to require artwork.