Meet the candidates: Allen Marko

The Observer asked the candidates three questions. They were given the option of answering one to three of them as long as their total word count did not exceed a number assigned by paper.

The questions were:

A: What should the General Assembly do over the next two years to help the state economy?

B: There has been a lot of finger-pointing this election at the president and our departing governor. Why are either figure relevant to the problems of Connecticut?

C: Other than the economy what are the top issues the General Assembly must address in the next two years. Why?

Allen Marko


House 78th District

A: Over the next two years, the legislature can help Connecticut’s economy in two major ways.  First, it can support higher education, vocational technical schools and public schools.  Education and job training is key to providing the skilled workers our economy will need to expand.  Secondly, we can provide property tax relief in order to help the struggling middle class, who are also the consumers of our state’s goods and services.

B: President Trump is relevant to the problems of Connecticut because his policies are making it much more difficult for Connecticut businesses to compete globally. Trade wars and higher tariffs hurt our chances to sell goods internationally. His attacks on the Affordable Care Act have made health insurance more expensive and harder to purchase. His total disregard for environmental protection threatens our air and water. And his tax give-aways to corporations and the wealthy threaten to bankrupt us. The Connecticut legislature must do all it can to fight back against his agenda.

C:  Beyond the economy, the legislature must deal with our crumbling infrastructure. Maintaining roads and bridges is essential not only to economic progress but to our safety. With over 30 percent  of our state’s bridges structurally obsolete, we cannot afford to put this task off.