City issues reminder about winter parking bans

With winter weather underway, the city has reminded residents that overnight parking bans go into full effect on Dece. 15.

If snowfall occurs prior to that, there may be earlier parking bans announced.

Members of the community are reminded that City Ordinances require the following: all owners/occupants of land adjoining city sidewalks must clear paved sidewalks and wheelchair ramps within 9 to 12 hours of the end of each storm and it is forbidden for property owners or others to deposit snow in the streets or on neighboring properties. Residents who have catch basins and fire hydrants abutting their property are asked to keep those clear for access and in order for snow and rain to get into them.

Complaints about uncleared sidewalks should be directed to the Police Department non-emergency number of (860)584-3011. Residents and businesses are subject to $120 fines for failure to clear their sidewalks.

As a reminder, it is against the law to leave animals outside in extreme weather conditions.