Youth Cabinet meets next Tuesday

The Mayor’s Youth Cabinet next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, Dec. 11 and will feature Justin Malley, the city’s Economic Development director, and the city’s youngest department head. He will talk about how Bristol works to promote, grow and attract businesses that pay taxes, and how that helps to fund the schools, libraries, and other city services.

Bristol young people, ages 10-18, are invited to be part of the Mayor’s Youth Cabinet.

The purpose is to connect young people with their government.

The meetings are held each month before the City Council meeting. There are different topics each month, and some guest speakers. The meetings are 45 minutes in length, and members can opt to stay for a part of the City Council meeting, which begins at 7 p.m.

This is not a series. Young people are free to attend any or all of the sessions as their schedules allow.

Scout troops are also welcome.

As with all Youth Cabinet events, RSVP.

Nutmeg TV will be taping the Youth Cabinet and airing episodes on their public access station. Participants will be asked to have parent/guardians sign waivers clearing them to be part of the television production.

Copies of the releases and RSVPs can be requested in advance by calling the Mayor’s Office at (860)584-6520.