Finance board sets down budget timeline



The Board of Finance approved the budget calendar for fiscal year 2019-20 put forth by City Comptroller, Diane Waldron, and her office.

As of the November meeting, no budget hearing dates have been set.

All city departments will begin submitting their budget operating forms in early to mid-January and shall include requests for the 10 year Capital Improvement Plan. The office of the comptroller will meet with department heads from January to March, and budget hearings and workshops will be held from February to April.

The finance board is scheduled to adopt the FY 19-20 budget and the 10 Year CIP in late April. Both the budget and 10 Year CIP will need to be passed during the joint meeting of the BOF and City Council, that meeting is set to be held in mid-May.

The new fiscal year will begin on Monday, July 1, 2019.

Waldron also took a moment to explain an update she created for the budget process.

Now, when a department submits their budget for FY 19/20, the first page will be a summary sheet that will include information regarding their goals and accomplishments for FY 18/19, a summary of the requests being made for FY 19/20, and major service level goals for FY 20.

According to Waldron, this information could include any significant changes, any challenges in putting together the budget book, any internal or external challenges, new initiatives for the department, or even efficiencies that the department is incorporating into their request, amongst other details.

“This is all the same information that they do and give us in June, but I thought it would be helpful for them to start thinking about it,” said Waldron. “As they’re working through the budget process, and as we go through January to June, it might change a little bit, but I thought this could highlight for the Board of Finance, so we can get the board to focus on what their issues are for their department.”

BOF chair Cheryl Thibeault asked that the summary sheet include “any long term challenges” that the finance should be aware of, or that may affect the department.

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